Mike Ehrmantraut played by Jonathan Banks

Mike Ehrmantraut played by Jonathan Banks

Mike Ehrmantraut, played by Jonathan Banks, is a former police officer who works as the the Head of Corporate Security at Los Pollos Hermanos, hitman, consigliere and enforcer in Gustavo Fring’s crystal meth operation. On occasion, he serves also Saul Goodman as a private investigator, cleaner and fixer, but his true loyalty is to Gus. Although he doesn’t seem to feel even a bit conflicted about the crimes he commits, he also isn’t terribly interested in gratuitous cruelty or shooting his way to the top of the meth lord food chain. He just does what’s necessary to keep himself and his boss safe, with a minimum of ego-tripping and drama.

Mike was employed at the Philadelphia Police Department for ten years as a beat cop, frequently having to deal with situations such as break-ins to houses and domestic disputes. His main lesson as a cop is to not take Ā«half measuresĀ». He once told Walter that he decided at the last second not to murder a wife-beating husband, only to later arrest that man for smashing his wife’s head in, killing her.

At some point, he gave up his career in authority, in what was described as a dramatic exit, but his reasons for leaving the force are never specified. Instead he began a private investigator business, as well as hiring himself out as a hitman/henchman. He was married once and had a child, who later produced his granddaughter, Kaylee Ehrmantraut, with whom he’s shown to share a strong bond. His spouse has neither appeared nor been mentioned.

As a former beat cop and true professional, Mike maintains an extensive, up-to-date knowledge of forensic evidence, surveillance equipment and police procedure. He is also well trained and cool in all types of combat situations, once using science and long strategy to take down a large number of hostiles sans fuss. Because of his brains, he is closer than any other criminal associate to Gus, who shapes his plans and strategies based on his continual advisement.


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