Steven Gomez played by Steven Michael Quezada

Steven Gomez played by Steven Michael Quezada

Steven Gomez, played by Steven Michael Quezada, is Hank Schrader’s partner at the Albuquerque DEA office as well as his close friend. A mellow, by-the-book foil to Hank’s over the top, strikeforce flair, “Gomie” reluctantly developed leads with Hank on the investigation into Heisenberg and the notorious “blue sky” meth.

An American-born Chicano Spanish speaker, he is married with Blanca Gomez, never seen in the show, and has a little more knowledge than Hank about the inner workings of Mexican gangs. The relationship between the two partners is based on mutual respect, but also plenty of decent ribbing about everything, including bad breath or the finer points of various local ethnicites. When Hank describes Tuco Salamanca as Gomie’s homie, his partner hits him right back: “Tuco wasn’t my homie anymore than Charlie Manson was yours”.

Along with Brandon “Badger” Mayhew and Skinny Pete, Steven Gomez is one of three characters to appear in all five seasons of Breaking Bad despite not being a main cast member. Besides Walter White and Hank, he is also the only character to share a scene with every main character.


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